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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Kitchener Single Family Homes

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Kitchener Single Family Homes

Invest in KitchenerWhen you invest in KitchenerDon't Let The 'What Ifs' Hold You Back in Real Estate! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » Single-Family homes15 Tips To Quickly Selling Rental Properties For TOP Dollar! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » you not only get the benefits of boring and passive income that come with owning a rental property – but you also get another HUGE financial benefit!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I personally specialize and invest in Kitchener and CambridgeDon't Let The 'What Ifs' Hold You Back in Real Estate! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » Single-Family homes because it perfectly aligns with my ideal lifestyle. Ease and passive income is exactly what I’m after.

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Kitchener Single-Family Homes

I’m designing my real estateDon't Let The 'What Ifs' Hold You Back in Real Estate! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » to provide me with cash flowWatch Full Movie Online And Download Patriots Day (2016). Read more ... » that essentially runs on auto-pilot so I’m free to live my life.

And while there are many benefits to investingInstall Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Rental Properties! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » in other real estate niches such as Multi-Family and student rentals for example (mainly the immediate high cashKitchener-Waterloo Resident? I Want To Give You Money! $1,000 CASH! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » flow), you won’t receive the same financial boost that Single-Family homes will be seeing in the coming years.

So without wasting any more time, why should you invest in Kitchener Single-Family properties?

1 – Buy Dirt While it’s Cheap!

If you haven’t noticed, Kitchener and Cambridge have been building OUT into the ‘country’ for a number of years, but something interesting has recently happened. The city is starting to build UP – rather than out!

This is called “intensification” and “urbanization” in the real estate world (I know, sounds fancy, right?)

This is important because the population has made it clear that they would rather live IN the city rather than on the ‘outskirts.’ If you happen to live on the ‘outskirts’ now, you know how much of a pain it is to get into town for a doctors appointment, sporting event or to visit major amenities.

The drive is getting a little long as the traffic thickens every year with population growth. And that’s NOW in 2016!

So if you get where I’m going with this point, you would see how a sophisticated investorThe Hard Hitting Truth About Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Investor's (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » would look at the current situation and take advantage of the lack of ‘dirt’ (land).

The old phrase, “don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait” is starting to become more and more true as the years tick here in KWC.

2 – Millennials Don’t Want To Live in Condo’s!

Well, not all of them! Researchers and investor’s who live OUTSIDE of the city seem to think that everyone under thirty years old is going to want to live in condo’s downtown.

Nuh uh!

You have to remember that ‘kids’ who grew up in Kitchener and Cambridge we’re likely raised in a home. A home that was larger than 1,000 square feet and a had decent sized yard to play in.

A lot of them still want some of that for themselves and their kids.

I know what I’m saying is accurate because I MYSELF am a millennial and you would never catch me in a condo apartment. EVER!

And I know at least 80% of my friends in my age group feel the exact same.

Now will that change in twenty to thirty years as the next generation moves in and the city begins to intensity even more?

Maybe? But here’s third point that you should really pay attention to when asking this question …

3 – Look What’s Happening in Toronto NOW!

Kitchener and Cambridge will likely be in the same position that TorontoInstall Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Rental Properties! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » is in now.

As more and more industries and big technology players continue to move into Kitchener, the demand on dirt and the desire to live IN the city will continue to increase.

But to rebuttal the idea that the next generation will want a condo instead of a Single-Family home, what are we seeing now in Toronto and even New York city.

People want dirt and they WILL pay for it!!

There will ALWAYS be a demand for a ‘nice, quiet Single-Family home with the white picket fence’ while still being IN the city close to amenities!

So What Should You Do?

As a savvy and sophisticated investor, you need to be able to read the trends and plan for the future.

What’s nice is that we have cities like Toronto and other major U.S cities who are twenty to fourty years ahead of Kitchener now. So we can rely on their statistics as it pertains to real estate demand.

Now the world does change fairly quickly but I think it’s fairly safe to say that there will be a HUGE demand for a detached or even attached Single-Family home with a yard in the next twenty years.

However, there will be a premium, and yes, people with deep pockets WILL be willing to pay for it. They always will be!

So go out there and invest in Kitchener and Cambridge Single-Family homes!

You’ll get to enjoy the immediate benefits of having high quality tenantsWhy You NEED To Walk Through Your Kitchener-Waterloo Rental Property! (VIDEO BLOG). Read more ... » who pay their rent on time, you’ll continue to receive boring and predictable cash flow AS WELL as a huge financial boost in appreciation in the next twenty years or so.

Now this is a LONG TERM strategy. No doubt about that!

But think of it this way …

The Numbers

If you buy a semi detached home now (my favourite type of rental properties) for $265,000 (average price in 2016), and the value goes up 4% every year (VERY CONSERVATIVE – we’re seeing prices jump 10% in 2016 alone – but let’s be conservative and take into account real estate slumps, because there will be some!) that same home will be worth $580,000!!

Now, don’t forget mortgage7-Step Guide To Investing in Condo Townhomes. Read more ... » pay down baby – the KING and the reason why we invest in LONG TERM real estate!

With 20% down on $265,000 ($53,000 and a 3% mortgage rate – again conservative) and a 4% appreciation rate in 2016 (conservative again!), you’re principle will be down to $92,000 in twenty years from now. Your property will be worth $588,984

That’s a profit of $496,000 – give or take.

Now say you have 2, 4, 8 or 10 of those.

That’s what I’m talking about!

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