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A Kitchener Real Estate Investor’s Message From Hawaii! (Video Blog)

A Kitchener Real Estate Investor’s Message From Hawaii! (Video Blog)

I finally achieved one of my goals of going to Hawaii and let me tell you, it was everything I imagined and more! The weather was amazing, the people were pleasant and of course, the fruit was to die for!

Juicy, sweet and organic. You can’t beat it!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m pretty obsessed with eating fruit and a plant based diet (did my branding give that away???).  And if you’re a crazy ‘vegan’ like me, Hawaii is the place be!

Why Hawaii Was Amazing

I loved being there for all of the obvious reasons. But it was more to me than just the weather and the abundance of fresh and organic produce. Finally achieving my goal and more importantly, experiencing my future lifestyle was a crazy experience that I’ll never forget.

It’s given me the drive and passion to push even harder because I want that feeling back so bad! I’m obsessed! And that’s what it take to be great and succeed …

Now I know I sound a little crazy, but you need to be a little crazy if you really want to achieve what you want in this world. It’s far too easy to give up and just ‘ride the wave’ of comforts.

Screw that! I want to ‘ride the REAL waves’ in Hawaii on my surfboard while my real estate business chugs along in Kitchener-Waterloo and funds my lifestyle!

But if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed after specializing with investor’s for so long is that passion is not enough for most. Like I’ve said before, not everyone is entrepreneur material – and that’s okay!

You don’t NEED to be a leader. You just have to recognize it and partner up with a leader who can help lead YOU to whatever prize you’re after! I’ll tell you more …

To hear my message from beautiful Hawaii click on my video below!

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