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Top 11 Reasons To Invest in Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate (VIDEO BLOG)

Top 11 Reasons To Invest in Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate (VIDEO BLOG)

Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge have been on the radar for many investors and investing organizations such as REIN (Real Estate Investment Network). REIN has ranked Kitchener and Cambridge as the #1 best town to invest in Ontario and 6th in Canada from 2015-2018!Waterloo took a slip because of the rental licensing which came into affect April of 2012.

So, what exactly does Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge have going for it that makes it such a hot spot for sophisticated investors? While I can preach all day about how fantastic this area is, I decided to go out into the field and make a video with some great unbiased advice from local experts. Enjoy! (Read more below)

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate

1. Diverse Economy

With a large manufacturing base and rapidly growing tech sector, it’s no wonder why Kitchener-Waterloo has become a safe haven for investors to park their money. With big companies like Toyota, Manulife, Sun Life and tech giants Communitech, open text, Desire2Learn and Google calling KW the new “Silicon Valley”, it’s nothing but great news for the community!

2. Affordable Prices

The affordability is also what attracts people to the tri-cities. House prices and rents are much lower than neighboring cities. A regular 3 bedroom Townhome rents for $1250 and sells anywhere from $140,000 – 180,000. The average detached home in Kitchener sits at $354,000. The same detached home in Toronto sits at $507,000 (2013).

3. Economic “Doom and Gloom”

You’re probably wondering how this can be good for you, the sophisticated investor? With all the talk of a “housing bubble” about to burst and Blackberry’s inevitable death, this is leaving people too scared to pull the trigger and is causing them to flee the market. As my good friend Warren Buffet always says, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”. With all the economic turmoil, it’s the perfect time for a savvy investor, such as yourself, to zero in on the economic fundamentals of what makes a city a great place to invest (Like the reasons on this list). While the average person focuses on the newspaper headlines, you’ll be doing your own homework and filtering out all the “noise”.

4. Historically Low Interest Rates

There has never been a more perfect time to be an investor in Kitchener-Waterloo. The money from the banks is pretty well “free money”. We have already got the word from major economists and banks that the interest rates won’t be moving much until 2015. While the Canadian government desperately wants to raise rates to curb consumer spending, the American government has no choice but to keep rates where they are while their economy rebuilds. Remember, our government is closely tied to theirs, if they can’t move rates, our government really has no choice but to keep them where they are, for now. Take advantage!

5. Lots of Post-Secondary Institutions

With 3 top universities (Waterloo, Laurier and Guelph) and a top college (Conestoga College) all within a 30 minute radius, it gives people a ton of options when deciding on their education. This also promotes job growth within the community. New jobs means more people moving to the area which means an increase in rental demand. That’s a demand I like to fill! 🙂

6. Steady Appreciation

While KWC doesn’t have the roller coaster appreciation rates that you may find in Toronto, it’s very steady and predictable. A boring economy that just chugs along and fly’s under the radar is exactly what you want. I’ll take 3% appreciation, mortgage pay down and predictable cash flow in my pocket any day. Boring, boring, boring. Thank you, rent again!

7. Low Vacancy Rates

An average vacancy rate of 2.8% (2013) is fantastic, yes, but I always tell my clients if they manage their properties properly, their vacancy rates here should pretty well be zero! For more tips on how to keep quality renters staying longer, read my blog “3 Ways To Keep Your Tenants Renting Longer”.

8. Low Unemployment Rates

With unemployment rates lower than the provincial average, this makes for a great investing recipe. Where there are jobs (see #1), there is rental demand. Fill the need and provide quality real estate to your tenants and you’ll be just fine!

9. Public Transit

With the new LRT (Light Rapid Transit) and investment capital that is flooding into the tri-cities, there is no stopping savvy investors such as yourself. Buy great properties 800m from an LRT station, hold and collect “boring” predictable cash flow for as long as you need to.

10. Centrally Located

With only an hour to major surrounding cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, London, Mississauga and Oakville, it’s no wonder why the population in KWC continues to grow. Again, job growth leads to rental demand which leads to “boring” predictable cash flow in your pocket. Need I put more emphasis on this?

11. Savvy Professionals

You made it, number 11! There are a number of great professionals in KWC ready at your disposal to help build your portfolio. Since this article is about investing in real estate, feel free to read my blog “Can You Spot The Not? 3 Questions To Ask A Realtor Before Investing With Them”.

Also, check out my video, “3 Reasons Why Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Prices Will Continue To RISE!” for more information on WHY you should invest your money in KWC!

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